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DD103342 is a sheet of Delia's handwritten notes for Poets in Prison#Elegy For Himself.


                                 G        C
* , Bb    '        F             ,   Bb   '
              G    ,        '
    The  day  is  past  &  yet  saw  no  sun
  [Vbb]                         [F]             1&2
                                           (or 2)
                   D                 C   D  (Bb)
  ' Bb    ,   C    '    Bb  '        '      (,3)
     &   now  I   live  &  now  my  life    done
   [Bb]                             [Ab]   ([C] )
                                           (   3)
  • [Bb] is B flat in a box
  • [VBb] is a down-arrow and B flat in a box
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