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DD135928 is a page of Delia's handwritten notes for the Greenwich Macbeth.


                         CUT DRUMS - Where trumpet in battle
                               fight louder - long enough?

(23)  Cat  [louder]
                           (24) Trumpet

(25) Witches

(26) horses
                           (27) horses led away

                           (28a) trumpet

(29) Banquo [enough?]            (NO.30)

(31) Dog type (ex-frog)
                           (32) Witches music
(33) Witches noise
        |                  (34) 1st appr.
        |                  (35)
        |                  (36)
        |                  (37)
        |                  (38)
        |                  (39)
        |                  (40) (39a)
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