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DD140140 is a typewritten list of sounds Delia should produce for the Greenwich Macbeth, with pencilled corrections and extra notes not in Delia's hand.


(Not including the pencilled-in corrections and extra notes)

I.1.        Sea breaking against cliffs
            Thunder in the distance
            Rain, perhaps.
    A cat screaming in terror
            A frog - warning note.
            A dog barking urgently.
            The noise of a terrible battle - sudden, violent, short.
I.3.        Sea again.
            A drum
            Wind and rain
I.5.        Birdsong. Martins?
I.6.        Birdsong
I.7.        Sound of a banquet
II.1        Thunderstorm. Wind, rain.
            Bell (possibly live) [deleted]
            Knocking (live) [deleted]
III.3       Horses approaching and going about
IV.1.       Thunder
            Perhaps apparitions' words
IV.3.       Birdsong
V.2         Drums
V.4         Drums
V.5         A cry of women
V.6         Noise of branches being chopped and ripped from trees
V.7         Battle noises

Also:       Falcon being killed by an owl
            Horses breaking out of stalls, eating each other/galloping & neighing
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