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DD140448 is a sheet of Delia's handwritten plan for a piece of music for the Greenwich Macbeth.


         remember they have to pitch
[A]  organ - low reed - waw_waw_

     high celeste   to (13)

[3]  perc. twangy organ type
       + Annette's voice on tape, v. treated, inhuman, animal.
                        <<< >>>
P.2 "solo[?] & piano"   |    |  [minim followed by crochet]
                       O    /               12 bars
                      voice-like chords.

[E]  more perc.    16

P.3                       |                   |
[F]  24 bars   organ for O. + perc. org. for /'s

P.4.  celeste on bar 21
 [G]  as full as poss. - perc. org.- vocal chords -
  Org. pedal at end - thunderous -

     Evil, Manson - hideous - grotesque
                    | |
     grunting on 3 / /  changing in pitch_ at [F]
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