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DD140554 is a newspaper clipping of a review of Macbeth (1971).


Lady Macbeth--or
just Miss World?


Shakesperian events in
London last night but
neither of them, I wager,
would have brought the
glimmer of a smile to
Stratford - on - Avon's
favourite son.
  The prospect of Alan
Dobie as Macbeth prompted
a fruitless journey to
Greenwich. Mr. Dobie is a
virile and menacing actor,
but his voltage is at a dis-
appointingly unelectrifying
level in this bleak and
rambling production.
  Many of the speeches under-
taken by the cast, except Mr.
Dobie, are gabbled at such a
rate as to be unintelligible.
  And in Hildegard Neil's
Lady Macbeth we have a Scot-
tish queen so pretty but so
inadequate that she looked
more like the winner of
Mecca's Miss World competi-
tion than a reigning monarch.
  This poor evening persuades
me that Shakespeare in
London is perhaps best left to
the Old Vic and the Aldwych,
with their long experience and
superb resources in men and
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