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DD162136 is Delia's handwritten plan for the music to Time On Our Hands.

Don Haworth is the programme's producer.


TRW 4060

Time on our hands
-----------------       - Don Haworth, Manchester
3. The Future
   ----------             -20th August on

1. P.1.    / sea (tide sound)
           | MS tide & feet     - Electronic music  Established [spoken? broken?] voice
      25" <  LS children approach                  "Children of our time, no toil,
           | MS track _                            need never be unhappy, but what
           \ LS Children on horizon                 to do with time?"

          | Titles. Time on out Hands
      8" <         the years of             Music alone. 	"
          |          transformation.

      8"  {  [Merge?] into Traffic & BB. 1962.

2.     60"  | New City of Holyhead,	                       human triumph
sc.17.      | skyscrapers & refineries.
            | Great triumph

3.       :  | Ma???? of new universities.  Voice & 	         "    "
sc.38       | Great Triumph 	          repeat music 2.
4       30" | Factories that run themselves. 		       dehuman triumph
sc.54       | Dehumanised. Triumph but sinister.
5.    55"     Rocket takes off, taking
sc.62-        spaceman to job in Mars. 		        Rocket, human triumph
    65        Faces look up: rocket in sky                 to
                             earth from rocket.
              Children merely glance up from beach.     lyrical. 
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