It Was a Solid Killing Match

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Delia created a piece "It Was a Solid Killing Match" for a 55-minute[1] BBC film Monty Returns to El Alamein, an outside broadcast for TV produced by "Ray Colley (N. Matthews)".[2]

This corresponds to a 16mm film mentioned by the Imperial War Museum with catalogue entry

Catalogue number: PMM 16
Production date: 1967-10-19
Place made: GB
Creator: BBC Television (Production company)
         Colley, Ray (Production individual)

whose description includes the phrase:

national and personal tastes in fighting (eg. Australians like a "solid killing match")[3]

and this programme is the cover story of Radio Times issue #2292 for programmes broadcast from 14-20th Oct 1967.[4]


  • Broadast on the 19th October 1967 on BBC1.[4][3][5]
  • The BBC Sound Archive tape TRW 6718 is missing.[2]
  • On 16mm film at the Imperial War Museum.[1]


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