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Traité des Objects Musicaux cover

Traité des Objects Musicaux (1966) is a book by Pierre Schaeffer, borrowed by Delia from the library at Broadcasting House on the 4th August 1967.[1]



Dans ce volumineux ouvrage, Pierre Schaeffer développe sa théorie sur l'objet sonore. Elle est fondée sur deux idées principales, le Faire et l'Entendre. L'ouvrage explore les deux premiers niveaux de cette théorie : la typo-morphologie et la classification des sons. Pierre Schaeffer utilise différentes disciplines telles que l'acoustique, la sémiotique et les sciences cognitives afin de démontrer sa théorie de l'objet sonore appliquée en particulier à la musique concrète.[2]


In this very complete essay, Pierre Schaeffer develops the main part of his new musical theory of the sound object. It is based on two principal ideas, making and listening, and explores the first two levels of this theory: typo-morphology and classification of sounds. He uses various disciplines such as acoustics, semiotics and cognitive science to demonstrate his explanation of sound and, in particular, the musical object within musique concrète.[3]

and Guy Riebel says of this work:

the most important of Schaeffer’s theories on perception [are] reduced/acousmatic listening, sound object characterisation and the role of tape recorder.[4]

The bibliographic details are:

Pierre Schaeffer (1966).
Traité des objets musicaux (Treatise on Musical Objects).
Paris, France: Le Seuil.
ISBN 978-2-02-002608-6<ref>[ Pierre Schaeffer on Wikipedia: Further reading]</ref>

and it appears to have been reprinted in 1977.


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