"An Electric Storm" - The White Noise

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"An Electric Storm" - The White Noise is a review of the album An Electric Storm that appeared in the BBC Clanfolk magazine September/October 1969.


"AN ELECTRIC STORM"  - THE WHITE NOISE  (Island-Kaleidophon ILPS9099)

The people who banned "Je t'aime" really should listen to "My Game of
Loving " on this LP,and hear real breathing effects!  This LP is recorded
in a technique described as Storm Stereo,and combines Singers,Instrumental-
ists and complex electronic sound,and is very much to my taste. Indeed,to
quote the sleeve notes,"emotional intensity is at a maximum". I'm not
exactly sure who the group "White Noise" - who provide the basic songs -
consist of,but  there is a very impressive list of credits on the tech-
nical side. They include Production Organiser and Stereo Effects by David
Vorhaus,B.Sc.,Dip.Elec. ;Paul Lytton on percussion,and vocals by John
Whitman,Annie Bird and Val Shaw - who presumably constitue [sic] White Noise.
The electronic sound realisation is by none other than Delia Derbyshire
and Brian Hodgson (well-known for his 'Dr.Who' electronic effects) both
from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
     This is the sort of electronic music I have long desired to see on
record,and indeed have often felt like making one myself. I am very glad
to record this and issue it. Full marks all round; this is what electron-
ic music really is all about. The two marathon tracks -"The Visitation"
and "Black Mass:Electric Storm in Hell" are literally out of this world
in  terms of electronic and stereo effects.    (B.W.)