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Ernst Jandl CD cover

Delia is credited with music for a radio programme German Concrete Poetry (Ernst Jandl) produced by George MacBeth. The notes to its Radiophonic Database entry for tape TRW 6496, dated 1st June 1966, read: "Laut Und Luise" - Poems of Ernst Jandl,[1] where Laut Und Luise is a book of Ernst Jandl's poems published in 1966.[2]

The piece also gets called Jandl.

In the late '60s, Jandl was given the chance to experiment with recording equipment. In "13 Radiophone Texte" and "Das Röchelm der Mona Lisa," the poet's voice is multi-tracked, processed (speed variation, reverb, ring modulation, etc.), and edited into impressive sound pieces that still pack some shock value decades later. The 13 radio texts were produced at the BBC in 1966. [...] They consist of phonetic explorations of simple phrases and make stunning use of extended vocal techniques. The 13 vignettes total 27 minutes in duration.[3]

At the great poetry reading at the Albert Hall on June the 11th, 1965 the most popular event of all was a reading by the Austrian poet Ernst Jandl of a number of his sound poems [...] due to [...] the very intense emotive power of language used in the border area between poetry and music. The BBC Radiophonic Workshop has already experimented in this area with recent programmes of sound poems by Bob Cobbing and orchestrations of poetry with electronic sounds under the direction of Rosemary Tonks.
   Well, this evening you're going to hear perhaps the most extreme development of this technique so far. Ernst Jandl has been working for several days with a team of people at the Radiophonic Workshop on a sound treatment of a sequence of his poems in the original German.[4]



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