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A Year I Remember is a piece of music that Delia created for A Silence filled with Greek, which appears to be a one-off programme by Michael Ayrton, produced by Douglas Cleverdon[1]. Its script is dated 17 Jan 1967.[2]

In the programme,

British painter, sculptor and author Michael Ayrton offers a picture of his first experiences of Greece.[3]

and Ayrton is quoted as saying

I'm not, by the way, a sober and scholarly figure nervously divorced from my own time or in love with the past. I like street noises. I am as much committed to twentieth-century politics as Pericles insisted Athenians should be in the fifth century. Furthermore, the two parts--or the many parts--of my illusions are indivisible. When I am nailed by the gods and my insides are drawn into the intestinal maze of Daedalus, my feet remain firmly in the present and I am aware of what is around me.
[I am] a sort of human truffle-hound nosing for some hidden or disguised meaning in landscape long inhabited. I don't mean that I am an archaeologist or a historian, but rather that I am a sort of trawling tourist, equipped with an echo-sounder.[4]

and it may include a taped conversation with Basil Wright.[5]

Douglas Cleverdon's papers include several works entitled A Year I Remember:

  • A Year I Remember - 1913, by Rose Macaulay. June 4, 1950[6]
  • A Year I Remember - 1939, by Frances Watson. Dec. 30, 1964[6] produced by Douglas Cleverdon.[7]

A Year IR is mentioned in Delia's handwritten list of pieces that she was thinking of reusing for the Brighton Festival.[8]


  • Broadcast on the 17th January 1967 at 7:30pm on the BBC Third Programme.[9]
  • Broadcast on the 10th February 1967 on the BBC Third Programme.[10]
  • Broadcast on Sunday March 24th 1968 at 8:30 in Kingston, Jamaica, on radio station JBC.[3]
  • The BBC Sound Archive tape TRW 6568: A Year I Remember is not to be found.[11]