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Here are some of the places where Delia lived and worked.

Delia never unpacked. From the moment she left Clifton Villas I don't think she ever unpacked a single case, a box or anything.[1]

Very few people ever saw the inside of her home, replete with unpacked teachests and boxes from previous moves. She once told me she couldn't be bothered with housework, so when living conditions became unbearable then that was a sign of time to move on! Even in the early '60s when she had a small flat above a flower shop in Maida Vale, near the home of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, she was already used to living with... chaos![2]

At first the house she bought was fine. Gradually it filled up with furniture and packing cases from Cumbria. I don't think she ever unpacked from her first move.

Newspapers would pile up but I couldn't touch them because she'd scribbled notes and music on them.

We couldn't invite people in the place was a mess.[3]

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45 Kensington Gardens Square, London W.2.

45 Kensington Gardens Square

Delia was living here on the 2nd of April 1962.[4]

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46 Downshire Hill, London NW3

46 Downshire Hill

On 10 July 1966, her address is 46 Downshire Hill, London NW3,[5] which was also the 1960s address of poet and novelist Rosemary Tonks, who made a recording with Delia at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in 1965.[6]

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49 Deodar Road, Putney, London W11

49 Deodar Road

49 Deodar Road, Putney, London S.W.15 is the address given on a Unit Delta Plus letterhead dated 22nd August 1966.[7]

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10 Clifton Road, Maida Vale

10 Clifton Road

Delia was living here on the 15th of September 1967.[8]

Number 10 is the black door in the centre. Two doors to the left is a flower shop. For further details, see the page 10 Clifton Road.

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Kaleidophon, 1 Clarendon Lodge, 56 Clarendon Road, London W.11

56 Clarendon Road

Delia's papers contain a letter sent from here on 1st January 1968.[9]

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Flat 8, 39 Powis Square, London W.11

39 Powis Square

Delia's papers for the Electrosonic album, released in 1972, are in a folded receipt for rent paid on Flat 8, 39 Powis Square, which is in London W11.[10]


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