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In 1966, Anthony Newley commissioned Delia to write an electronic backing track for which he did a voiceover to create Moogies Bloogies, as well as a second piece I Have Decoded You.

For Delia and Brian, a pivotal moment was working with Anthony Newley, a highly versatile songwriter and stage star who would influence the likes of Syd Barrett and David Bowie. Brian Hodgson recalls: "We did a thing with Tony Newley Moogies Bloogies and he introduced us to David Platz at Essex Music.[1]

and Delia said:

The late Anthony Newley told his label that he wanted to do something electronic. So they got on to me. So I produced this bloopy track and he loved it so much he double-tracked his voice and he used my little tune.

He said to me that the only songs are, "I love you, I love you" or songs saying "You've gone, you've gone."

I'd written this beautiful little innocent tune, all sensitive love and innocence, and he made it into a dirty old raincoat song. But he was really chuffed! Joan and Jackie Collins dropped him off in a limousine at my lovely little flat above a flower shop, and he said "If you can write songs like this, I'll get you out of this place"! It was only a single-track demo tape. So he rang up his record company saying "We want to move to a multi-track studio". Unfortunately the boss of the record company was on holiday, and by the time he returned Anthony Newley had gone to America with Joan Collins.[2]

Presumably it was Delia who gave him Henk Badings' Evolutionen 5, from which he made another piece I Have Decoded You.


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