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Delia is created music for a BBC TV programme Anything Goes produced by G. McCrudden with "P/A[?] Matt Carruth".[1]

Delia's papers contain her handwritten score for it.[2]

The tape's catalogue entry is dated to September 1968 and on the back of Delia's manuscript are three fragments titled "Pseudo folk", "Harm" and "Aztec", the last of which is from 1969.


Score for Anything Goes

Here is a typeset version of Delia's manuscript.[2]

The speed is indicated as a dotted minim being .96 seconds, or 14.4 inches at 15 i.p.s. This means that a crotchet lasts .96/3 seconds, giving a tempo of 60*(3/.96) = 187.5 b.p.m.

It is available here is four formats:


  • The BBC Sound Archive tape TRW 6928 is not to be found.[1]


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