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[[Image:Ape - Hunt Group A.pdf|thumb|right|"Hunt Group A" fragments for [[Ape]]]]
#REDIRECT [[Ape and Essence#Hunt Group A]]
This is a reconstruction of Delia's score for the "Hunt Group A" phrases of ''[[Ape]]'', made by combining [[DD122833]] and [[DD122859]]. It consists of several thematic fragments, which appear to be waiting to be made into tape loops and combined to create a complete piece. The speed of the piece comes from Delia's writing on [[DD122833]] saying that 15 crochets should last ten seconds.
It is available here in four formats:
* [[media:Ape - Hunt Group A.txt|The input file for the Lilypond music typesetting program]]
* [[media:Ape - Hunt Group A.pdf|Lilypond's output of the score as a PDF]]
* [[media:Ape - Hunt Group A.midi|Lilypond's output as a MIDI file that you can play on your computer]]
* An audio file of the MIDI file performed on a cheesy electric piano
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