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Arabic Science and Industry is Delia's 23-second long 'arabic' version of the signature tune for a radio programme Science and Industry, which ran from the late 50s to the present day.[1]

A signature tune was created in 1959 by Maddalena Fagandini and Phil Young[2] and in 1962[3][4] Delia created a new theme for BBC producer Mrs D. C. Ingrams.[4]

It also gets called "Arabic Science and History" and the notes to its Radiophonic Database entry read:[4]

First Hi Fi sig as Workshop had just got new tape machine (Phillips)
Tape also contains all make up material.


Under UK law, audio recordings made before 1963 are in the public domain.[5]


And the following three sides of manuscript are paper-clipped together with the above:


Arabic Science and Industry - Spectrogram.jpg



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