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Delia's Attic Papers consist of a cardboard box full of about twenty manilla folders, each of which contains her letters, handwritten notes and scores regarding the music she produced from 1962 to 1975.

The papers were found in her attic after she died in 2001 and were given to Mark Ayres who, in 2006, gave them on permanent loan, together with the Attic Tapes to David Butler at the University of Manchester. His department was given a high-quality flatbed scanner to digitize them but this seems not to have happened.


There are three catalogues of them:


  • The paper originals are at the John Rylands Library at the University of Manchester in the UK. You can view them by visiting the John Rylands library in Manchester, UK in person. "Access to these collections are by prior arrangement only and users should note that the collection is subject to copyright restrictions. If you would like to use the Delia Derbyshire Archive please contact the curator, Dr Janette Martin (email: janette.martin[at]"[1]
  • Floating round the internet there are


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