Circle of Light

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Pamela Bone - Begonia and Butterfly
Pamela Bone - Solitude, the Outer Hebrides

Delia created the electronic soundtrack for the 32-minute film "Circle of Light: The Photography of Pamela Bone" (1972) directed by Anthony Roland, which won in the Short Film Art Section of the Cork Film Festival[1] held 10-17th June 1972.[2].

The music is a gentle half hour of real and electronic seascapes and birdsong on a evolving background of shaped noise, introduced and signed off by variants of the "lampshade" sound used in Blue Veils and Golden Sands.

The accompanying film is a sequence of wobbly zooms and pans on bleak seaside and woodland photographs, some of them beautiful.

This is by far the longest surviving single piece of her music.

Elsa Stansfield is also credited for the music but it is unclear what she contributed to it.

Makeup tapes

  • DD022: "Delia: Nature for Elsa From Kal" (Various tracks)
  • DD023: "Delia: Nature for Elsa From Kal" (FX)


  • The film can be viewed online if you have a Windows computer as pay-per-view at the Roland Collection.[3] They still claim you can buy it on VHS for $109[4], but in 2006 Mr Roland in person cashed my check for £37.01 and never sent it, then ignored all reminders.

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This is the first of three film musics that Delia created for Hooykaas and Stansfield. The other two are Een Van Die Dagen and About Bridges.