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Delia created music including [[Le Pont Mirabeau]] for a BBC TV programme about [[Cubism]], "a 1968 Schools Radio programme about Cubism in the series "Art and Design"<ref name=JP>[http://lists.topica.com/lists/Delia/read/message.html?mid=814106918 James Percival's Feb 2012 message to delia&#64;topica.com]</ref> produced by [[Richard Wortley|Richard A. Wortley]].<ref name=TLL/>
#REDIRECT [[Le Pont Mirabeau]]
The [[Radiophonic Database]]'s entry for it is dated April 1968<ref name=TLL/> and her handwritten score for the song is dated August 1968.<ref>[[DD115632]]: Manuscript for [[Le Pont Mirabeau]] dated August 1968.</ref>
* In the BBC Sound Archive on tape [[TRW 6844]]: "Cubism - 'Art & Design'".<ref name=TLL>The [[Tape Library List]]'s entry for [[TRW 6844]].</ref>
* At [[Manchester University]] on Delia's [[Attic Tapes]]
** [[DD005]]: "[[Cubism]], Play for Today (7.10.71), [[Orpheus]]."
** [[DD263]]: "Cubism prog", an off-air recording of most of the programme about Cubism.<ref name=JP/>
* See [[Le Pont Mirabeau]]
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