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DD082706 is the first page of a draft programme for the Brighton Festival.

The second page is DD082729.


K.4 (Kinetic four dimensional


Brighton Festival: West Pier: April 14th - 30th


The Advanced Studies Group of Hornsey College of Art initiates experiments
in kinetic/audio/visual environments collectively titled K.4.

Assisted by staff and students of Fine Art, Visual Research, Three
Dimensional Design, Post Diploma and Film and Television Departments, the
following features are presented:

Kinetic Arena

A white elliptical cyclorama 60' x 80' together with the white painters lattice
girder roof creates a large audio/visual environment.  This will be programmed
with continuously developing moving images by 10 high powered (2kw and 5kw)
automatic projectors.  An arrangement of 30 loudspeakers will provide three
dimensional sound.  From Monday to Friday, from 8 until midnight, for the two
weeks of the Festival the arena will function as a discotheque.  On the opening
night and the three following weekends special audio/visual kinetic performances
will be presented.  In addition to LIGHT/SOUND WORKSHOP performances which
include special slide projection techniques we hope to have performances by
Bruce Lacey with his robots and by Pink Floyd Sound.


Kinetic Labyrinth

Whilst the Arena aims to create a spacious environment for the social
activity of a large group the Labyrinth aims to provide a more enclosed and
personal experience.

    The Labyrinth is a means of presenting the work of a number of British and
foreign kinetic artists together with environments created by LIGHT/SOUND
WORKSHOP. [...] The environments will have a number of walls which are
transparent projection screens of Perspex and other materials. Colours and
imaged will be programmed on to these together with appropriate sounds tracks.