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DD100029 is an undated letter from "Ian" to Delia suggesting a possible sequence of pieces for her to create for the 1964 play The Business of Good Government.

"Ian" is presumable Ian Cotterell, the producer of this production of the play.[1]


34 Manor House, Marylebone Road, N.W.1
and Room 2094 Kensington House.

Dear Delia,
             First forgive the typing and delay in writing.   Here are
my notes on THE BUSINESS OF GOOD GOVERNMENT. and the possible sound
     1 - OPENING - A sound growing in intensity (a solid chord) until
     it overwhelms he audience (this is for the appearance of the
     Angel in a blaze of golden light, amid smoke!)   The sound dies
     or transforms into a cue note for the carol 'I Saw Three Ships'
     I wonder whether it would be too tricky (for the singers) to
     provide accompaniment (4 verses) for the carol.    One line gives
     a clue to the sort of sound.   'And all the bells on earth
     did sing'.
     2 - ANGELIC CHORUS (page 13) 'Gory to God in the Highest, and earth
     peace, goodwill towards men'.
     Stage direction reads 'angel repeats this lines 'Glory to God'
     which is picked up and augmented by voices from different places
     round the building.   The repetition of 'Glory' continues in
     crescendo.   I can record the angel here (he is a BBC
     3 - MASSACRE - 'The massacre is indicated by a sudden clash of
     cymbals and a loud wailing cry.   We will provide the cries, can
     you provide the sound - a sharp sudden metallic jagged discord
     in complete contrast to every other noise.
     4 - FINALE (page 53) - A golden sound growing out of the
     Angel's final words leading to an accompaniment to the Corpus
     Christi carol (6 verses).   The sound giving the note for each
     verse.   Again the words of the carol give a clue.   'The Bells
     of Paradise I heard them sing'.   The sounds should continue after
     the carol for some time slowly dying away - to the audience time
     to come round!   (I had thought of using the Widor Toccata at
     one time.

The overall sort of sound I imagine is something akin to Amor Dei (Which
is what gave me the idea in the first place) a mixture of bells and
plainchant and the nearest thing I have heard (or am likely to hear)
to a heavenly chorus!
                                 Look forward to hearing from you