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DD101032 is a sheet of Delia's handwritten notes for The Coloured Wall event, giving the name of the Exhibitions's publicity agent and an appointment for them to attend the press preview. In the bottom right corner is a provisional list of pieces to be reused to create the sound track.



Mr. McCracken
Universal News Services - handling all
                         exhibition publicity
FLE1633 EX.15

Press preview   26th, 2 p.m. Earl's Court.
              meet there 1.30 --- 2.

Will we phone him tomorrow --

          Violence                   Kingswood Warren[?]
          [? ????] Mark Britain      Initial visit -
          Long Live the Queen        books -
          Towards Tomorrow           BAS - talk -

          At home this afternoon


"FLE1633 EX.15" is the code used at the time for a London phone number (which would now be 0207 353 1633) and the internal extension line number. "FLE" is derived from the local telephone exchange serving the subscriber and may stand for Fleet Street, the main street for newspaper journalists in London.[1]