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DD101901 is a typewritten sheet of the poem Lullaby of the Onion, which Delia set to music for Poets in Prison.


Hedley                                 Poetry from Prison /73
  1      The onion is frozen
         stubborn and poor.
         Frost of your days
         and of my nights,
         great black cold and
         huge round frost.

  2      In the cradle of hunger
         my child sleeps
         He is suckled
         on the blood of the onion.
         Yet its is your blood [sic]
         frosty with sugar
         onion and hunger.

 3       A dark woman
         changed into a moon
         drop by drop spills herself
         bending over the cradle.
         Laugh, my son,
         drawing the moon towards you
         when it is needful.

sp.      Bird in my house
   4     laugh out aloud.