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[[DD110742]] is a note by [[Ted Hughes]] for his radio play [[Orpheus]]
[[DD110742]] is a note by [[Ted Hughes]] for his radio play [[Orpheus]]

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DD110742 is a note by Ted Hughes for his radio play Orpheus


      Note by Ted Hughes on 'ORPHEUS'

The more stylised the movement and mode of speech, the better. The
characters are not people but gods and puppets, they move at all only
with difficulty.

The music is Pop up to the death of Eurydice. From there, to the
penetration of Hell, it is electronic and futuristic, with a main
core of something like a drum note or a Jew's harp, very
monotonous and somewhat insane but hypnotic and with as much
momentum as possible.  In Hell and thereafter, the music is
something early classical as indicated.