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DD131736 is a memo dated 25.2.71 from Leslie Megahey to Desmond Briscoe, forwarded to Delia on the 26th, entitled "Omnibus about Goya"


                                                           [Rubber stamp]
From:         Leslie Megahey, Arts Features                  26 FEB 1971
                                              ["FEB" overwritten with Briscoe's monogram]
Room No. &                          Tel.
Building:     5004 Ken.House        Ext.: 6384/5     date:  25.2.71


To:           Desmond Briscoe, 9 Maida Vale  ["Briscoe" crossed out]

             1) D D    [penned in]

I wrote to you some time ago about a Goya project for which
David Sylvester wanted to use radiophonic music, in that case
variations on Beethoven quartets.

I am now going to make an Omnibus about Goya, without Sylvester
or Beethoven, and I'd like to use the workshop and one of your
composers to do some original sound for the film.   Would this
be possible?   I'm shooting in mid-May, and editing June-July,
but if you're able to assign someone to this I'd very much
welcome an early discussion with them.

                          Leslie Megahey
                          --------------  [signed and typed]

9-3-71 - DB phone L.M. to say DD would be doing this & would be in touch.