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DD145330 is the first page of the typewritten "Final Dubbing Script" for "Chronicle: Pompeii".


                           CHRONICLE : POMPEII
                          FINAL DUBBING SCRIPT.

Chronicle motiff                  000

Opening Sequence                  035½

Pan across ruins of Pompeii       162
left to right
                                         Barry Cunliffe:
                                  166    Pompeii - one of the most evocative
                                         names in archaeology - a vast ruined

                                         city spreading out at the foot of

                                         Mount Vesuvius.  A dead city now

                                         perhaps, but what was it like 1900

                                         years ago before the volcano burst


                                         All the clues are here - descriptions

                                         by contemporary writers, the life style

                                         of the modern descendants of the

                                         Pompeians, and of course the great

                                         ruin itself and everything that was

                                         buried in it.