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DD153341 is a letter dated 30th June 1964 from Martin Esslin to Desmond Briscoe about Delia's sound for The Tower.

David Butler reads this memo in the Sculptress of Sound radio documentary.


From:    Head Of Drama (Sound)    Room 5125, B.H.
Subject: "THE TOWER"                               30th June, 1964
To:      Mr. Desmond Briscoe                       Copy to H.C.P.Op's.

I have just been listening to the playback of the completed version of "THE TOWER"
and should like to express my deep appreciation for the excellent work done on
this production by Delia Derbyshire and John Harrison.  This play set them an
extremely difficult task and they rose to the challenge with a degree of
imaginative intuition and technical mastery which deserves the highest admiration
and which will inevitably earn a lion's share of any success the production may
eventually achieve.  I only wish that it were possible for the names of
contributors of this calibre to be mentioned in the credits in the Radio Times and
on the air.  But failing this I should like to register the fact that I regard
their contribution to this production as being at least of equal importance to that
of the producer himself.

                             Signed: (Martin Esslin).