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DD154536 is a set of handwritten notes and score fragments for a piece which appears to be called Living Lessons.

The paper on which it is written seems to be the bottom half of a sheet of headed notepaper printed during the formation of Electrophon, as there is printed in futuristic lettering up the right edge:

Directors: D. A. Derbyshire  B. G. Hodgson  P. Kingsland  G. P. Rodgers  I.R. Smithers
Incorporated in Gt Britain No. 1080059 Registered address Lynwood House 24-32 Kilburn High Rd London NW6

under which, in pencil, is written in Delia's hand:

Registrar of Companies, Companies Ho. 55 City Rd, E.C.1


1  Good cutting tune on two lines, mainly in sync.

2  Temple block type rh.

3  Chords, b/g-sustained for overall form. Phased b/w p.no type

 Intro, which can be cut off if nec.y: chords + rh.

  Extra "bubble" & final resolution at end_
                              | can be cut off.
[score: G...C..C...G.E etc]
                      neat short notes

[score: G E F D G E C]

[score: G - G - E F D G.__ E etc]
                        attack with partials
                        strong [i?]w.pd.ringing systain
[score:C C F G C D C E]

CHORDS C --------- G  C -----------------

     Living Lessons  3 M
                    2  --> [score: C D E E G F etc]
                           [score: G E F F D G etc]
 3)333  2)333  4)333
  -----  -----  -----
   111    166     83
          666                                                 E
          ---                                               D
          832                                             C
                      (3)--> [score: C G G G C]           G G G
                               15.                        E .
                                                            B C