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DD160832 is a letter from Rosemary Tonks to Delia, dated 10 July 1966, sent from Rosemary's home address, 46 Downshire Hill, to Delia at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.


* Following under separate cover              46 Downshire Hill
       Delia, Greetings!

            Now, soberly, these are my thoughts.
            (1) I must be careful not to promise more than I
       can perform.
            (2) I suggest that I give you 1 or 2 poems;
      you select the one that inspires you, and you do
     _the_whole_treatment_of_the_poem_yourself_; I will
     merely make the recording for you.
            (3) If I collaborate with you over the
    orcestration of the poem then I must be named
    for this on the programme. _But_, we are both strong
    willed and collaboration is a dicey business.
    _If_ I do collaborate, I shall ask for the last word
    before undertaking the work; it is the only sensible
    thing wen working on a professional basis, and a
    matter of strict policy for me.
            (4) Mime. September is close, and my real
    work of writing presses hard on me. We need to know
    whether I am any good in this capacity at least 1 month
    in advance. If I am not, we can co-opt a young actor
    to do it. i am prepared to have a go, with the proviso
    that if I consider it too much of a strain, or am no good,
    we employ a substitute.
            (5) Or better, use a machine or two for the
    visual side, if I am no good.
            (6) I have received many criticisms of the _ghastly_
    quality, the _eeriness_ of the effects we used, which
    divorced our material from reality; this might be a
    useful opportunity to show that electronic sound is
    capable of warmth also. This is only a comment from
    the General Public which I add for your interest.
           I have a longish story poem, very dramatic which
 *  would make, say, ten - 15 mins (in Encounter)    love from
           Forgive direct words; write if you will     Rosemary