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DD162002 is a page of Delia's handwritten notes for Closed Planet.

The following sheet is DD162024.


                 Closed Planet  light prog.
                 -------------  -----------
eerie at beg.    to sine down to steady.   Soon X fade
 into effects

 Narration moving forward.  Stab on points in
  narration.  Up & up.  Further & f. away.  Stabs.

Hyper space - speed of light.   Steady high pitch
+ low hollow.
In ordering[?] space  high come down, low ??? up --
 sufficient body to be b/g. to whole[?].
 Beat-throb in ordinary space

Meteor warning note
2nd [out?] faster.

Crash  nearby spot
P.5.  Decel.  Exciting - putting in of spare sounds
     cont band of b/g atmos.  Dig Pull C/R [?]
 (adj. retro jet.  Terrific power but controlled + vibration
    cosy boom
                               ------>  ---->----
Flycar  Fae Rotodyne.[?] _____|pf                |
------                                           v
Gen. alarm   Same again                   | Music
----------                                | -----
Games                                     | Cues 3 & 4 are 
-----                                     | versions
Flycar inside  P.32.                      |  of 1
-------------                  music.     | Sombre mood[?] but[?]
P.38  Must balance landing - cue 4        | measured.
      to clim. end.                       | Eerie & terrifying
      both die away.  f/b[?] with neither | Astral. Consucted[?]
                                          | abstract. Inhuman.[?]