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DD164714 is a letter dated 15th February 1969 from David Vorhaus to Miss Astrahan about her cover art for An Electric Storm and giving Kaleidophon's "new address".


                               281-283 Camden High Street
                               London, N.W.1
                               01-485 6464
15th February 1969

          Dear Miss Astrahan

Many thanks for the pictures - they're just as fantastic
as I remembered them to be from almost a year ago, and
they're certainly my first choice for the record cover.
Only two remaining problems:

The record company are somewhat dubious about how the
colours will come out when printed.  Do you have any of
your material of this nature in print, in magazines, post-
card or print reproductions or anything else you can think
of; if so could you please send a copy (and expenses of
course).  If it's a magazine we realise the reproduction
can be improved.

The other thing is the fee for reproduction rights.  It's
our first record, so the budget isn't a lot, but we'll
try to meet the figure you name.  It's very dificult to
choose which one to use: I think the best one for this
purpose is - how on earth can one describe it - one can't
on earth!  Let's just say sketch no. 1; otherwise sketch
no. 2.  We'd be glad to give you a credit on the record
sleeve, hoping this might keep the figure down.  Could
you also remind me of the price of these two originals?

One other point.  The record cover is a twelve inch square
so one could a) Use the whole picture as a rectangle and
print the name of the group 'The White Noise' down the
side to make up the square; of b) Lose a strip off the
top and bottom of the original and enlarge the remainder
to fill the whole square.  The name could then be incor-
porated in the picture - this would look more integrated,
but of course only you could do it.  Is this possible in
any way without painting indelibly on the original?

Hoping to hear from you as soon as posible as time is
runing short.  Thanks again, and I'm enclosing a cheque
for £5 to cover expenses so far.

                   Yours sincerely

                 (David Vorhaus)

(Please note the new address of our studio)