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DD170111 is a sheet of Delia's handwritten notes for The Legend of Hell House, listing the names of the producer, director, editor and dubbing editor and giving mood descriptions for the opening and initial scenes of the film.


                                 Albert Fennel  Producer
                                 Johnny Hath    Director
Hell House                       Geoff P.       Editor
==========                       Peter          Dubbing Editor


Starts getting funny at station
          going somewhere -
               but cold - beckoning

Hugeness of house but beautiful objects

   separate sound for chapel - Miss Tanner pulls back.

     Auf vidersehn repeated at end of record. Smoke[?] thro' comets[?] for L=S-

Florence's reaction in cellar

Chandeliers tinkling.
  ????? silent for post dinner scene.
  Sitting round fire - her breathing  fire flickering spools on tape m/c.

             Change of voice things rattle & fall over. - Physical Phenomena.

        "so does this house" link to bed scene |\
== Florence on bed door opens etc

    She talks to Daniel, feels his pain & anger

[...and so on. If you transcribe the rest, do get in touch.] 


  • m/c: machine