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DD214 is the Initial Catalogue number of one of Delia's Attic Tapes for her 1972 music about Egypt.

Mark Ayres' notes

Type: 10.5" reel, 1/4" tape
Label: Egypt Hymns to the Nile
Description: TRW 7529. Is missing from RWS archive.

Louis Niebur's notes

DD214 Egypt Chanting etc.
Egypt Hymns to Nile Voice Mix
Golden Music Atmos
Chanting F

  1. abstract patterns (some material from Delian Mode)
  2. 8:59 “Golden Music Atmos”? end 12:45
  3. chanting. Pitch altered by tape

James Percival's notes

CDD/1/1/28 Egypt
“Hymns to Nile” and “Golden Music Atmos” material
FORMER REFERENCE: DD214 DATE: 1972 CONTAINS: Tutankhamun's Egypt
MEDIUM: 10.5" reel, ¼" tape DURATION: 00:25:29
LABELS: [Reel label:] HYMNS TO NILE: VOICE [Reel:] EGYPT / [erased] (1) HYMNS TO NILE VOICE MIXES / (2) (1) GOLDEN MUSIC ATMOS ([?]FEELING!) / (2) HYMNS TO NILE: VOICE MIX [Reel label:] Chanting F
NOTES: Three distinct sets of material; from 13', based on layered chant recordings.