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DD222 is the Initial Catalogue number of one of Delia's Attic Tapes containing her music and effects for the Chronicle programme Cortes and the Conquest of Mexico.

Mark Ayres' notes

Type: 10.5" reel, 1/4" tape
Label: Aztecs Copy
Description: TRW 6955

TRW 6955

Louis Niebur's notes

DD222 Aztecs
MA writes “Probably Chronicle programme, Cortez and the Conquest of Mexico, TRW
6955. Some voice idents (Delia)
1. treated string sounds, like prepared piano. Ends

James Percival's notes

CDD/1/1/7 Aztecs
Sounds for Chronicle: Cortes and the Conquest of Mexico
DATE: [1968]
CONTAINS: Chronicle: The Realms of Gold
MEDIUM: 10.5" reel, ¼" tape DURATION: 00:23:41
        [Reel:] 6955 Aztec / Chronicle [2 irrelevent/illegible reel labels]
NOTES: MA attribution: TRW 6955, Chronicle: Cortes and the Conquest of Mexico.
       2'35", Delia announces "Radiophonic Workshop tracks for Chronicle";
       R1 uses synthesised material later used in Tutankhamun's Egypt.