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Door To Door screenshot

Door To Door is a thirty-second musical piece, originaly created for Radio Leeds women's programme,[1] whose rhythm track is constructed from the recorded sounds of door knockers and bells. It

“shows that she could also do the upbeat promotional thing well; the rings and knocks are worked perfectly into the perfect 60s advertising campaign soundtrack.”[2]

When she heard it during the Radio Scotland interview, it "reduced her to fits of giggles" and she said “Well, I think that's really at the more trivial end of what I did. Yes, isn't it jolly?

Radio Leeds was launched in 1968 and Delia produced four other musics for it, so we date this piece to 1968.


The Performing Right Society list of works by Delia Ann Derbyshire has:

Title: Door To Door
Writer(s): Derbyshire Delia Ann
Publisher: BBC Worldwide Music
Work number: T-010.035.854-0 1570265Q 
Type: 10/10 [?]
Work status flags: 1st Lic Referral
Creation date: 1 January 1984



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