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Maybe you looking for Delia's piece The Dreams?

Delia sometimes visits me in dreams. Here are those I remember and the real-world events at that time:

26 July 2007

from	Martin Guy martinwguy@gmail.com 
sent    13:58 (GMT+01:00). Current time there: 07:21.
date	26 July 2007 13:58
subject	Re: next...

... She appeared in a dream
a few nights ago, playing a tape of some of her unheard songs. I said
"you *do* have another copy of that tape somewhere, don't you?" and
she said "yeah, somewhere" but seemed to think they were just
playthings of no consequence... much like her own underestimate of her
work's importance during her lifetime.

2 August 2008

from	Martin Guy martinwguy@gmail.com
to      Kara Blake
sent    11:45 (GMT+01:00). Current time there: 07:18.
date	2 August 2008 11:45
subject	Manchester

Breege, the Dublin student, has written to say that she's been to
Manchester and brings news of a "box of papers"

"well, I went to Manchester and had a fabulous day.  Its really
exciting.  Like, theres heaps of reel-to-reels there, and a box of
papers that Dr Butler allowed me to go through.  It will be fabulous
when all the stuff is properly cataloged.  Really great.  As yet,
theres no brochure or anything.  So I just have my own handwritten
I just woke up from an intense dream that Mark Ayres kindly let me
into his studio where (in the dream) he still had three of Delia's
tapes and left me there for a few hours to be able to digitise them
(and in my frustration at not finding the right equipment you appeared
telling me just to copy them for now)...

16 April 2009

from	Martin Guy martinwguy@gmail.com
sent    00:29 (GMT+01:00). Current time there: 07:12.
date	16 April 2009 00:29
subject	Re: DD site

Delia very occasionally visits me in dreams. My current burst of
Delian activity was prompted by a recent appearance insisting that she
"wanted people to hear her music". She even came back after I'd woken
up and gone back to sleep.
She gave me three pretty black and white photographs of her in her
early twenties, a little younger and slightly fuller in the face than
the first central one on my site, and a cassette tape of some music of
hers that is not known about, and kept saying "Gerard Roux" very
distinctly, as if that were who I should contact about it.

It's a name I've never heard of. Google shows a painter born in 1900
(as well as a french lawyer, an American programmer, the IT Manager
for Woolworths of South Africa and someone in Paraguay - you know how
Google name searches go...)

On waking I thought "Gerard" might be a reference to Roberto Gerhard
"Anger of Achilles", a prize-winning piece that is, AFAIK, lost (and
both Roberto and Roux are Italian) but she was very distinct and
pointed the name out several times in the cassette's insert. She also
seemed to think I'd find a copy at Ljubljana train station.

19 July 2009

from	Martin Guy martinwguy@gmail.com
sent    21:52 (GMT+01:00). Current time there: 07:10.
date	13 July 2009 21:52
subject	Re: Ping!

... I paid a visit to the Delia archive in Manchester Uni but
unfortunately the blok, though perfectly nice, wouldn't let go of the
laptop with the WAV files for an instant, so me taking a usb pen drive
was in vain ;-)

from	Martin Guy martinwguy@gmail.com
sent    15:39 (GMT+01:00). Current time there: 07:07.
date	19 July 2009 15:39
subject	Re: Delia Divas

... I dreamed about Delia this
morning, or rather about the box of her papers that I saw at
Manchester. In this case I was its custodian (in a room in a railway
station, no less) and some middle-aged woman wanted to see it and its
contents, but I realised that if I let her see it I would be unable to
stop her from helping herself to it and running off with the contents.
I guess that reflects its custodians' fears also.
 However there were some poems in the box (in the dream) written by
Delia by fairly incomprehensible because they referred to people and
places with her own nicknames for them, or with initials, so it was
pretty hard to figure out what they were referring to.

30 June 2010

sent    18:36 (GMT-05:00). Current time there: 01:00.
to	Martin Guy <martinwguy@gmail.com>
date	30 June 2010 18:36
subject	Delia Derbyshire - Electrosonic

Saw this and thought of you, though you probably already have it.

from	Martin Guy martinwguy@gmail.com
sent    01:11 (GMT+01:00). Current time there: 07:00.
date	1 July 2010 01:11
subject	Re: Delia Derbyshire - Electrosonic

... the night before you sent this, she
appeared in a dream to me, in which I was visiting the BBCRW after its
demise, and she urged me to make copies and distribute her records (in
the dream they were 7" vinyl which, somehow, I was able to duplicate.
I guess that's her language for MP3s!)

February 2019

Delia appears and gives me her passport. In reality, I need to renew my passport go to Manchester to hear her Attic Tapes.