Earl Rivers

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A poem by Earl Rivers (given name Anthony Widville or Woodville) was one of those proposed to Delia to set to music for Poets in Prison.

He was imprisoned at Pomfret and executed, 1483.

Poem text

Somewhat musing
And more mourning
In remembering
  The unsteadfastness;
This world being
Of such wailing
Me contrarying,
  What may I guess?

I fear doubtless
Is now to cease
  My woeful chance;
For unkindness
Withouten less
And no redress,
  Me doth advance.

With displeasaunce
To my great grievance
And no surance
  Of remedy;
Lo! in this trance
Now in substance
Such is my dance,
  Willing to die.

Me thinketh truly
Bounden am I
And that greatly
  To be content;
Saying plainly,
Fortune doth wry
All contrary
  For mine intent.

My life was lent
To an intent.
It is nigh spent;
  Welcome, fortune!
Yet I ne meant
Thus to be shent,
But she it meant,
  Such is her wone.