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In 1973, Brian Hodgson cashed in his pension and left the BBC to set up the Electrophon studio in Covent Garden[1] with his friend John Lewis[2], where he was later joined by Delia[3]. She contributed to the soundtrack for The Legend of Hell House there, but left within a year.

“After leaving the BBC in 1973, she worked for a time with Hodgson at Electrophon, helping to produce a series of radio commercials and music for theatrical productions.”[4]

A fragment of headed notepaper in her papers names the company directors as D. A. Derbyshire, B. G. Hodgson, P. Kingsland, G. P. Rodgers and I. R. Smithers and gives the company's registered address as Lynwood House, 24-32 Kilburn High Rd, London NW6[5]


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