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Elizabeth Parker in 1981
Elizabeth Parker in 1982

Elizabeth Parker was one of the last composers to join the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and the last to leave when it closed down.


Delia, I didn't really know exactly what she did because nobody actually heard the credits at the point and I only learned afterwards, all the beautiful stuff that I really admired had been created by her.[1]

I saw her walking up to Portland Place, at least I saw this figure with a great flowing cloak and an enormous hat and I thought “That has to be Delia.” We were going to a Radiophonic Workshop party and when we got inside, lo and behold, it was her and very elegant, very beautiful and a very distinctive voice too.[2]

I came along and met the beautiful Delia Derbyshire. She always said that a very important part of her music was wine bottles in different stages of emptiness, pitching them up and pitching them down to use them as part of the sound. I don't know whether that was true but they were always there.[3]

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