Fire Raisers

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Delia worked on a production "Fire Raisers" for World Theatre, an external radio programme produced by Jim Vowden.[1]

The catalogue entry for the tape, dated 21st October 1965, reads:

Hot upward electronic arpeggios at rising pitches.
(From TRW 6191 makeup).

where TRW 6191 is John Baker's Orbit, a "radio signature tune for children's holiday magazine programme".[2]

This seems most likely to be Max Frisch's play The Fire Raisers, written in 1958:[3] a "Brechtian fable: bourgeois household invaded by endlessly talkative terrorists intent on destroying it. Absurd comedy, or black parable of Europe in decline."


  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 6377: "World Theatre: Fire Raisers".[1]