Great Zoos of the World

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Great Zoos of the World title

Delia created 36 seconds of "the most accurate set of animal noises ever created electronically"[1] for the 1969 programme Great Zoos of the World produced by Barry Payne for BBC Network TV's Natural History Unit, Bristol.[2]

I created the music for a TV series called Great Zoos of the World. The producer called the boss and said, “I want some music made from animal noises.” The boss replied “That's impossible! But if it's impossible, Delia can do it!” I sorted a tape of twenty-four animal noises into rhythmic ones and tuneful ones and they [?] put it all together. I was very proud of that.[3]

The Space Between, a 1973 BBC radio programme devoted to the music of the Radiophonic Workshop, contained a track by Delia called Great Zoo[4], which appears to be a stereo version of Great Zoos of the World.[2]


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