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File:Will The Real Mr Hogarth titles.jpg
Will The Real Mr Hogarth titles

Delia created sound for an episode of the TV Arts Feature series Omnibus about the artist Hogarth produced by Gerald Scarfe for BBC1. Its tape's Radiophonic Database entry is dated November 1970.[1]

Although its tape's Radiophonic Database entry says that the programme was "Cancelled", the episode of Omnibus broadcast on the 12th December 1971 at 8.30pm as "Will the real Mr. Hogarth...?".[2]


  • "Will the real Mr. Hogarth...?" was broadcast on the 12th December 1971 at 8.30pm.[2]
  • The BBC Sound Archive's tape TRW 7282 is missing and a note says "Cancelled".[1]
  • William Hogarth "Peregrinations" on youtube “features a few brief excerpts from "Will The Real Mr Hogarth" from 3:11 but the excerpt contains none of Delia's music.