I Have Decoded You

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I Have Decoded You is a work by Anthony Newley, said to be "classic Newley vocals" with "background sounds made up of a number of samples from other sources, standard BBC Radiophonic tape loops for SFX or white noise generation, and a fascinating edit of “Evolutionen 5: Waltz” by Dutch electronic pioneer Henk Badings".[1]

It seems that Delia's only contribution to this was to provide Newley with recordings of other people's electronic music to "sing" over.

You can hear Hank Badings' Evolutionen on myfree.cc The backgrounds are parts 3 and 5, "Ragtime" and "Waltz":[2]

  • 3. Ragtime is from ?:?? to ?:??
  • 5. Waltz is from 11:01 to 11:58.