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[[Inverse spectrograms]] are used in the WikiDelia to reconstruct otherwise unknown audio where only spectrograms of them are available.
#REDIRECT [[Spectrograms#Inverse_spectrograms]]
The software to do this is [https://github.com/martinwguy/delia-derbyshire/tree/master/anal freely available on github].
* ''[[Pot Au Feu early version]]'', to get an idea of the audio quality of the reconstructions
* ''[[Singing Waters]]'', a rain-falling effect whose spectrogram resembles the layout of the poem it tells
* ''[[Robert Lowell]]'', a 4-minute evolving soundscape, reconstructed from only 4 pixel columns per second
* ''[[Random Together 1]]'', 2m30 of cacophony, not helped at all by the reconstruction!

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