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[[Image:Le Pont Mirabeau.pdf|thumb|right|Score for ''Le Pont Mirabeau'']]
#REDIRECT [[Le Pont Mirabeau#Score]]
This is a new typesetting of Delia's manuscript for ''[[Le Pont Mirabeau]]''.
It follows Delia's typographical indications exactly and includes her correction to the professionally typeset version<ref>[[DD115738]]: Proof copy of Delia's professionally typeset score for ''Le Pont Mirabeau''</ref>.
It is available here is four formats:
* [[:File:Le Pont Mirabeau.txt|the LilyPond source file]]
* [[Media:Le Pont Mirabeau.pdf|Lilypond's output of the score as a PDF]]
* [[:File:Le Pont Mirabeau.midi|a MIDI file]] that you can [[Media:Le Pont Mirabeau.midi|listen to]]
* An audio file of the MIDI file played on a cheesy electric piano
{{Play|Le Pont Mirabeau}}

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