Macbeth (1970)

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One of Delia's tapes is labelled "Dublin Macbeth" and there is also a set of script fragments with Delia's annotations, for a Macbeth "produced by P. P. Maguire". Her notes for its sounds sometimes say "As for Stratford", which suggests she was thinking of re-using the 1967 effects in another, later production.

One tape has a sticker with the words “Dublin Macbeth”. With no small amount of research, it became clear that it was a radio production for RTÉ.[1] “And that was going to be wonderful... we were going to [go] over and have a great party. The Bankers Strike was on at the time and nobody could get any money out of Ireland for months. It took nearly a year to get paid... we never got (to Dublin) in the end”.[2] “Macbeth” was broadcast on RTÉ on 6th December 1970 as part of the “Producer's Choice” series. PP Maguire, head of Drama and Variety (Radio) adapted and produced the play. Aiden Grennell played Macbeth and Deirdre O'Meara played Lady Macbeth. Unfortunately, the article from the period is cut short but the RTÉ Guide at the time wrote “a special electronic soundtrack is being prepared by Kaleidophon, a studio specialising in work of this kind”.[3]



  • DD042: "Macbeth for Dublin?"
  • DD041: "Copy of Macbeth for Dublin"
  • DD158: "Macbeth Dublin Makeup"


  • It was broadcast on RTÉ on 6th December 1970[3] but they do not have a copy in their archives.[4]


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