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Delia is credited with music for a BBC television programme for schools "Model and Map" produced by Andree Molyneux.

The BBC Genome Project lists 3 episodes of Signpost: Model and Map:[1]

  • SIGNPOST: Model and Map: Christopher Trace introduces a way of modelling and mapping a local street, produced by Carol Goodman For Schools, broadcast on 27 June 1963 11.35


  • 1. The Plan for the Model, broadcast 14 and 17 June 1965
  • 2. The Model becomes a Map, broadcast 21 and 24 June 1965
  • 3. Using the Map, broadcast 1 and 5 July 1965

Its Radiophonic Database catalogue entry is dated 1st May 1965,[2] so presumably this was for the latter series of three programmes.



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