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19 November 2015
A different mix of Quest - fast was used as the theme for Physical Science, including Delia's rhythm loop on its own.

21 October 2015
There are now spectrograms for the pieces in An Electric Storm.

3 October 2015
Electrosonic and A Game of Chess now have spectrograms.

September 2015
There are now typeset scores for The Pattern Emerges and Moogies Bloogies, derived form their spectrograms.

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25th August 2015
The wikidelia and have been down for some days, as its web hosting company closed down and ran off with the ten years' credit that I had put aside to keep them available on the web, whatever happens to me. It is now hosted at a different company on a faster server costing 6USD per month and is paid up for the next month. All donation go to pay these sites' web hosting in advance, thereby ensuring their continued existence. Thanks!

3rd February 2015
There are now audio extracts of Delia's music for The Bagman, the Aztec suite and Ways of Seeing.

31st January 2015
There is now a reconstruction of Delia's score for Anything Goes.

1st January 2015
There is now the audio for Delia's soundscapes from the 1969 film version of Hamlet.

19th December 2014
There is now the audio for Shadow of the Pharoah.

10th December 2014
To combat the censorship of by Avast! "antivirus" and facebook, is now

18th September 2014
Audio12 has contributed typeset scores and midi for two pieces:

  • Clothes, a piece existing only in manuscript form and composed on the 22nd of December 1968, i.e. at Christmas in the middle of her most productive period, and
  • Science and Health whose Delian audio is, of course, known.

The musical mark-up on the reverse of the Science and Health manuscript seems to be something else, possibly another new piece.

8th September 2014
I just found out that the pay-for "Internet Zone" Avast! Antivirus product is blocking and, saying that they contains malware. This is simply not true.

5th September 2014
There is now the audio for Pompeii.

31st August 2014
Bad news. Delia's title music for Engineering Craft Studies was never used (they used "Popcorn" instead), and the BBC has lost the tape on which there was a copy.

23rd August 2014
I have finished going through the Tape Library List's catalogue of the 300 tapes in the BBC Radiophonic Archive that are credited to Delia, to be able to reply to the Director of BBC Worldwide's belief that there is nothing there to be published. Result: There are Delia's final master tapes of her unpublished music for 124 (one hundred and twenty-four) BBC programmes on tape there, as compared to the 31 of Delia's pieces of music that have ever been published by the BBC (and remember, for each programme Delia often created several pieces of music). A further 31 tapes containing her unpublished music for another 31 programmes are missing and I have found alternate sources for just 4 of these.

For a detailed list, see the page Category:TRW.

6th July 2014
In the papers, two more pieces are mentioned: Science in the Shadows and Magic Box.

3rd July 2014
The audio for About Bridges has come to light.

1 July 2014
Roy Matthews donated 5 EUR. Cheers, Roy! Full steam ahead!

9 June 2014
The Director of BBC Worldwide has made a first reply. See Petition.

30 May 2014
The BBC Trust has replied to the Petition, passing the matter on to the BBC.

28 May 2014
The Naked Sun scene 4's audio has been cleaned up, removing the hum and revealing a background sound.

26 April 2014
There is now a copy of the Queen Elizabeth Hall video clip of Delia.

1 April 2014
The WikiDelia has been off line since mid-January, when its free web hosting died without warning. Thanks to some donations I have now been able to put it up again, paid up until April 2015.

So far this year, the audio for six more works has come to light: