Peter Logan's Mechanical Ballet

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Delia's papers contain the brochure for Peter Logan's "experiments towards Mechanical Ballet", performed at the New Art Centre, 41 Sloane Street, London from the 3rd to the 9th of March 1969.
   -- Kirsten Cubitt's article Dial a tune in The Guardian, 3 September 1970.

but "The music and effects for Peter Logan's "experiments towards Mechanical Ballet” were actually done by Brian Hodgson alone".[1]

In his interview with Wheel Me Out, Brian Hodgson says:

[I] also wrote scores for the structures in Peter Logan’s Mechanical Ballets.
“[The Mechanical Ballet] Square Dance was in fact four right angle pieces set at the corners of a square on motors which would revolve — they were absolutely amazing. The Tate Gallery bought Square Dance and occasionally exhibits it."


  • DD134512: Cover of brochure "Peter Logan's experiments towards Mechanical Ballet, 3 March - 9 March 1969"
  • DD134551: Inside of brochure with photograph.


  1. Personal communication from Ray White, having spoken with Brian.