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* An audio file of the MIDI file performed on a cheesy electric piano
* An audio file of the MIDI file performed on a cheesy electric piano

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(For the tape recorder of similar name that Delia used at the Workshop, see Phillips.)

Philips is a piece of commercial work done by Delia and Brian Hodgson at Unit Delta Plus for a TV advertising campaign.

We did one commercial sound called Philips which was something like “wup!” and that was it.[1]


DD090009 score for Philips

The playing speed is taken from the manuscript in which Delia writes that a crochet is .22 seconds, giving 273 beats per minute.


Although these papers are collected in a folded piece of paper with "Philips" written on it, there are two dates a year apart: 3.2.1966 and 3.2.67.

  • DD085942: Tape labels and notes suggesting that it was 1½ seconds in length
  • DD090009: Score fragment "Ph. Type 1, D+ 3.2.67: Loop bloops / high tune / low chords"
  • DD090120: "Call signs for Erwin Wasey", notes and tape splice lengths, "High/low chords, High/guit. tune and Bleeps" "30.1.66-3.2.66"
  • DD090137: List of 8 makeup tracks
  • DD100926: Mentions Philips as a “recent commission of members of the group” for Kaleidophon.


Unknown. For its reconstruction from Delia's manuscript, see Philips (score).


  1. Peter Zinovieff's disparaging remarks in the 2010 Red Bull Academy interview.